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Delta Omega 

Delta Omega
The Delta Omega Honorary Society is the public health honorary society of accredited schools and programs of public health. The society has been active in advancing public health education, practice, and research for more than three-quarters of a century.



Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA)
The association is responsible for addressing issues which affect graduate and professional students university-wide, and for allocating budgets for all graduate and professional organizations. GAPSA works closely with its undergraduate counterpart, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), and its parent body, the Associated Student Body (ASB).




Healthcare Management Student Leadership Association (HMSLA)
HMSLA is an organization of Learning and Doing comprised of students in the Global Health Systems and Development Department at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.  These students include MHA, MPH, MD/MPH and PhD candidates in all levels of study. Membership is automatic upon enrolling for graduate level classes within the Department.


SALUD for Latin American Communities
The mission of SALUD for Latin American Communities shall be to incorporate student involvement of those interested in Latino American health to improve awareness of health disparities, to advocate for Latino health rights, and to lessen the gaps and increase the interaction between students and the Latino American community.




Society for Young Black Public Health Professionals (The Society, SYBPHP)
The Society maintains a professional network for all members, alumni, faculty, and Tulane undergraduate students to foster a positive enduring image of the Tulane community through local outreach projects, fundraising, attendance at national health conferences, volunteerism, and overall helping to better serve the community where we gain our education.



Student Government Association (SGA)
The SGA serves as a focus for student concerns and activities through representing student views to the administration and faculty. Student involvement is encouraged and reflected in representation on special school committees, including student services, general faculty, and curriculum.


Student-Run Clinic Counsel (SCC)
MPH Partnership and MHA Partnership (Service Organization)
The Tulane Student Clinic Counsel has two chapters at the SPHTM:  one for MPH candidates (MPH-SCC) and one for MHA candidates (MHA-SCC).  This club allows current students the ability to volunteer within the seven Tulane School of Medicine clinics.  Students work on various public health projects, including:  patient navigation, patient education, needs assessments, etc.  Membership is open to all MPH, MD-MPH, and MHA candidates year round.


Students United for Reproductive Freedom-Tulane University Public Health (SURF-TUPH)
SURF-TUPHhas a mission to improve the reproductive freedom of New Orleanians through partnership with organizations in New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans area.  We aim to bring the knowledge, passion, and resources of the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM) to organizations that improve public health outcomes surrounding reproduction and sexual choice, communities in need of support for their efforts in the achievement of reproductive equality, and ultimately to the individuals and populations that are most deprived of reproductive choice.  This includes people of any and all ages and genders.


Tulane African Student Association (TASA)
TASA's mission is to connect African students on Tulane's campus and provide a way for them to develop a "home away from home" in New Orleans while maintaining a connection to Africa.  TASA also aims to enlighten the Tulane community and each other about our different cultures and the different aspects of Africa through a variety of programs.


Tulane Society for Sexuality, Health and Gender (TSSHaG)
The mission of the Tulane Society for Sexuality, Health, and Gender (TSSHaG) shall be to create a public health forum that works at the intersections of health, gender, and sexuality, with a particular focus on marginalized communities. This shall be accomplished through critical conversation and reflection, seminars, research, advocacy, and community development. TSSHaG is a space for people of all gender identities and sexualities interested in promoting such endeavors.




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