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Essentials in Research Readiness Skills

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Message from the Associate Dean for Research

Geetha Bansal 2012

Welcome to the Research Enhancement & Development Site, a portal for doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty to information that will be useful in developing successful research careers at SPHTM and beyond.  In here, you will find ways to connect to other researchers, mentors, faculty advisors and networking groups. The different links will be great resources as you begin to think of writing research proposals and search for funding opportunities and develop collaborative programs. You will also find helpful announcement for career development seminars, working group discussions and focus group deliberations. I hope you will have a chance to use this site to your advantage and provide feedback to make it better and more informative.

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce the Research Enhancement Team and to thank them enormously for the great job they have done so far. I am proud of their dedication to this project and amazed by their understanding of the goals and the speed with which they have worked and produced this undertaking.

Please visit my faculty page for additional information.

Geetha P. Bansal

Associate Dean for Research

Research Enhancement & Development

Dr. Geetha Bansal

Last updated March 2014

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